Short stories and more

We’ve recently added the short stories category, we wrote these for you our dear readers, we did not expect the traffic to grow this much in a few days. Most of our readers like to read about romance, so here we have one for those who love to read them. The short story is about a teenager Gerald Borja who lost his love, his dad and in the end found love again, you can read part one here. There will be parallel short story to this, that still involves Gerald Borja, I guess you can call this the Borja Series.

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A few years back I wrote a story on our version of monsters and vampires, basically Visayan myths. What originally was a compilation of stories turned into a novel that I kept on changing. Sometimes they say an artist work is never finished. I created a website a few months ago just for this, I intentionally wanted it to be short stories, but I end up putting my novel in. I will be moving the novel here, and change the site’s content to an actual short story of Visayan mythical creatures that scares us in the dark. If you want to read some of the chapters, you can start by going here.

Maybe in a few days from now, I will be moving the novel here. I did start this one out in wattpad but I was not comfortable yet with it, maybe I should continue to add chapters there too in the coming months.

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