More stories to come

I’ve been writing a few stories now. My wakwak novel, I have now finally figured out how to convert it for a more general public consumption.

That would mean, not much on the steamy sex parts anymore. Sorry about that to those of you who loves that. But I will try to see what I can do in the future.

If you would like to read the Author’s full version of it, I will try to look for a solution.

So if you want to start reading on it, click here.

I’ve started to write my Science fiction novel, it will be long, the difficult part is naming things that are non-existent.

The longest I suppose would have to be the Untouchable Billionaires, it is still in its introduction stages, you should start reading on them now. There will be more characters coming.

Read the Untouchable Billionaires here.

I will be moving the long novels to the sidebar in a few days, I need to move it, and streamline the content of the frontpage. And have it all Recent posts. Mostly news of the recent stories.

Till next time, please do read more.

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