Untouchable Billionaires


Chapter 3

Seasons. Our lives are like seasons, there is a time to gather, a time to spend and time to plant. This is what exactly Irene Arceo did. For years she planted her human investments all over the world.

Human capital is what they call it. Like chess pieces she planted them to all the companies, big and small. Now is her time to spend and withdraw from the action.

One of her businesses is espionage, corporate espionage, she uses the technology that she acquired from her spies for her own personal use, sells a few of the info to the highest bidder.

And those will come in handy for a time such as now. 

Romee arrives pushing a cart with their breakfast on it, and he starts to serve.

“Mother, Jester Lead, over.” Anna’s radio sounds off.

Jester, mother receiving, the queen awaits. Over.”

“Jester Lead, mother, I’d like to fax the message if it’s possible.”

Their radio communications are not exactly radio. The signals are being transmitted through a light wave. Like radio the nanometer light waves data is carried through a carrier light wave.

The island is full with the repeaters or mini-cell sites of these communication devices, within the carrier wave are different wavelengths of the Nano-light wave bands. All of which are broadcasting at the same time.

Data is broken at a seemingly random pattern. Fax, is a private mode conversation between two transceivers only. 

Thus when going in Fax mode each must transmit their own code, and each party must accept for it to work. 

This is an added encryption and decryption of the messages on top of the basic open broadcast encrypt/decrypt codes.

The reason for such a procedure is to fully confuse any evesdroppers. Making the sound unintelligible, crackling making it also sound like static noise.

“Say first, switch now.”

When one is not switched no one will understand each other. Jester Lead switches first and makes a test call.

“Jester Lead, first, over.”

On the other side a crackling garbled and static sound, unintelligible sound is heard, then she switches her radio to fax setting. Receives the broadcast code.

Jester Lead, this is mother, we hear the whip cracked, can you read me, over.”

Jester Lead at this point gets a broadcast code and accepts it, then he will hear the delayed initial broadcast.

“Yes mother, Jester Lead receiving 5 by 5. We need to act fast. These guys have transmitters embedded in their body. And I may be at fault here, I know one of them, at least I think I know him.”

“Jester Lead, do what you must. Do you have any theories?”

“I cannot be certain but this looks like it’s from Servantes Oro Sr.”

“We will have a look at it later, but do hurry up, the season is beckoning.”

Irene and Bernard heard the conversation.

Irene opens, “I cannot believe that bastard, that old bastard would do such a thing.”

“My Lady, we should be cautious. from hereon, henceforth, rethink our strategies, cancel our plans for the next few months.”

“Angel, read my words.” Irene to the smarthouse artificial intelligence.

“Yes, my Lady, what is your command.” Says the voice of the smarthouse, the voice was female, along the lower key, like that of Karen Carpenter or Scarlett Johansson.

“Call Ernest, if he is asleep, wake him up.”

“Calling…” a minute later…


“That took you awhile Ernest, are you doing something else?”

“I was going to sleep…”

“DON’T sleep yet, I don’t like the strawberries here. They smell like lavender.”

“Ma’am, let me look at your options.”

Ernest has not slept yet although it’s daylight, he has been up all night preparing for today. Ernest is the go to when things are going bad, he understands the language.

When she used strawberries that way, it means blood, and when paired with lavender, someone died.

“I hope the puppies are well, anyway would you like to come back with a blueberry then.”

Irene has only one dog, a pomeranian, the puppies are her people on the island. Blueberry meant the United States in this case.

“Yes, that will be better. Have another letter. A notice of some sort, tell them that I will be disposed of because of an illness. I don’t have the words right now, but make it more non-life threatening.”

“Will do ma’am”

“Thanks Ernest, and you can do that later just put it in your list of to do first. Have a nice rest.”

“Thank you ma’am.” Ernest, hangs the phone.

“Obviously, we cannot go now. Just see to it that the preparations are underway Anna.”

Anna nods her head and barks some orders on her handheld radio, “This is mother goose, the seasons have changed, I repeat the seasons have changed. The frogs will stay and sleep.”

When seasons change, animals migrate, but frogs burrow underground and hibernate. 

This was the signal that they must withdraw from the island to somewhere else and a skeleton crew of guards will stay behind to man the fort.

All four of the stealth boats were just about to start to reconnoiter the horizons, the motor boats based on the USCG design too were about to be dispatched around the perimeters.

Unlike their counterparts, it is clad in invisible lens and horizon colored paint camouflaging the boat. From a distance all you see would be a blur.

“Have we dispatched our ships yet?” Inquires Irene, “stop everything.”

“Mother goose to all the bees, the queen recalls the nectar search.”

“What are you thinking, my Lady? I suppose you want to wait and listen and let them come first.” Bernard responds.

“Exactly! If they are watching out there, they’ll see us leave.”

“My Lady, can we call on the backup ships, and have them patrol the area for us.”

“Have their choppers comb the area first,” Irene barking orders like a general, “have someone look at the best possible distance that they can see using telephoto lens cameras and binoculars.”

Anna opens up a map on her tablet and shows the perimeter and grid of the possible area. And where the horizon drops.

“Well have them search these zones, it’s a long shot. The choppers would have to refuel.”

“It is not that large of an area, this is only a horizon search, that will be around ten kilometers radius the farthest and five the least.” Bernard gives his opinion as someone who has seen wars like this.

“Let us deal with the 5 Kilometer radius, and have the captains do what they are paid to do.”

“May we go to the war room, I suggest we consult with the captains, maybe your lead on this one my Lady, Harold. He should be up by now.” Anna pleads.

“Good Morning, my Lady, what seems to be the ruckus,” Harold Johnson greets everyone as he walks along the pathway, “Bernard, Anna.”

“Speaking of the devil, my dear Anna.” Bernard praises her, “Harold, dear old chap, come on up and have a chat with us. Will you?” Bernard obliges Harold.

Harold steps into the lanai, and grabs a chair, he observes that everyone is still having their breakfast, “What in the devil is going on? We are not on training are we?”

“I’m afraid we are not, Anna will explain to you everything, have you had your breakfast yet?”

“I have. I have, yeah.”

“We caught some intruders, Sir Harold. And we’d like to know how to withdraw from this island without being seen.” Anna summed up what just happened. And continued to eat her breakfast.

“Where are they? And how did they get here? Where was their entry?”

“I can’t say that, except for that they were at wolf’s bed.”

“My Lady, Anna, Bernard, ‘tis best that I take my leave, I would like to attend to this now.” He gets up, bows his head and leaves for the war room. He knows exactly what to do and already has a plan evolving.

An hour later they spotted a yacht. 

It is 8:30 AM May 10, 2016, and 2:30 AM Philippine Standard Time.

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