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The Watchers.

What seems to be mythical to some, and even in earth ancient religions, there is a being that we call the watchers. They are also referred to as angels.

The watchers watch and record events, but for whose purpose, is not known. Sometimes they leave behind origin tales and prehistory for the original inhabitants of the planet.

In particular, those who are bound to ascend to sentience. 

These are an advanced humanoid species, the events that they record are also requested by other humanoid species. Some are older than them, while some are younger but more powerful.

To those who know of their existence are at their level or higher. No one knows of their origins, or their homeworld.

There is a more ancient race, that they are aware of, the ones who for those who will find. Laid the foundations of the universe.

We can only speculate their purpose, for now this is the story of the planet’s first sentient beings as recorded by the watchers.


Atuy, is forty percent land, the rest is saltwater. However inland there are bodies of water, most of them freshwater, only a few are saltwater.

Therefore the average landmass is around 33%. 

The landmass of the planet is what we call pangea. It is one big continuous land. Albeit with some islands on the sides.

If you flatten the globe, the shape of the landmass is like the shape of number 8. You can say this is side A, and side B and they are shaped similarly.

planet atuy
Side B side of Planet Atuy

The center of it is on its north pole.

On each southern end of the planet’s land mass, are what we consider as archipelagic, it has thousands of small islands.

However on one side of it is another archipelagic section in between the equator and the temperate zone. It has around three archipelagic zones.

Millions of years ago, an asteroid crashed into this side of the planet creating the archipelago. It was a rather large one, but the impact was not perpendicular.

The slope of impact was so small that it tore the landscape on the east side. The impact obliterated a third of the asteroid, and created a crater along its eastern seaboard.

It is as if a humongous shovel was used to stab and pull the land to the sea. The impact created shockwaves and shook the land. Creating the archipelago on the east.

The second third broke into fragments under the last third was on top of them. The impact should have created a crater, but instead it bulges back up.

The shockwave reverberated across the planet causing quakes all over the globe. While on this part a liquefaction so large that it swallowed half of what is left of the asteroid.

It was like a giant quicksand. 

It also sent dust all over the planet.

Like all heavenly bodies that enter the atmosphere of a planet, they heat up and burn. This asteroid retains heat well so it was still super hot.

After the impact and when it was embedded into the land, water poured in because of the liquefaction. 

The liquid beneath it and the soil was superheated. The soil became magma like, the liquid superheated jumped to boiling and created a lot of steam, gas and pressure underneath .

It caused successive explosions and eruptions like geysers and then became volcano-like eruptions. 

It sent clouds of dust into the atmosphere, and mixed with the clouds. 

Thus sending more clouds of dust into the atmosphere from the initial impact, blocking the sun overnight. 

Without the sun, the planet plunged its temperature down to freezing most of the planet except for the equator and temperate regions. 

A lot of animal species died off, and became extinct, the vegetation was not spared but will later be revived, as seeds become dormant.

Smaller animals were able to survive, because they were usually in hiding, while the larger ones who were mostly out in the open died.

The largest of the animals now was a catlike creature. Like a house cat, but larger fangs, similar to that of a sabertooth. 

Near the impact zone, where debris was all over the flat land, these feline creatures started to come out. 

Their prey that died were burned to crisp and some were just right enough to be cooked. Now they are left scavenging rather than hunting. They were all eating cooked food.

The dead animals contained some of the dust of the asteroid, as well as the air. Eating and breathing the dust in, sparked a minor mutation in their brain, their neurons were stuck to want to eat cooked food.

From this point they preferred to eat cooked food, with that  they have associated hot with cooked food.

It was not instant, it was a learning experience after eating a few prey.

Like all felines, these things were observant and intelligent. One of them would observe another’s action and imitate them.

One of these felines that killed its prey, found a heat source, a part of the asteroid that was protruding from the ground was really hot. Like cast iron hot. 

It brought the dead prey and placed it on top of the heat source and learned to start cooking it there. It was not instant, the feline had to learn when to turn it around.

If curiosity killed the cat, some of these cats who have not eaten cooked meat yet were willing to try and try they did by stealing it from others.

Soon the felines were all into cooking their food. With the asteroid still slowly releasing heat, three quarters of it is buried underneath, and a lot  of its parts were protruding everywhere, and everyone had their own frying pan.

If you believe in evolution, theirs were more of mutation. 

Their environment was conducive to their development both mentally and physically, overtime they grew in height and lost a lot of their fur. They started to walk upright and developed opposable thumbs.

Eons later they were humanoid looking.

The humanoids that exist on this planet, have a snout like protrusion on their face. A remnant of their feline ancestors.

They have lost their tail but they gained a larger brain and opposable thumb. 

They did not lose their claws; they became embedded in between the four fingers. They can retract it and show it at will.

It was because of the asteroid that was able to retain heat, their dependence on it, mutated them to having less fur. 

Both male and female have manes, for most part they look like normal human beings, except for the head, being more feline.

The males’ mane continues down towards their chin like a beard, the females do not, although their manes can grow longer, the males are for the most part a forearms’ length.

These are the observations of the watchers, they have recorded these in stone statues, carvings and murals. They have created a large edifice to contain these records.

The reason for these statues, murals and carvings, is to go beyond language. Soon these sentient beings shall find the edifice, and they shall know their origin.

With it they shall all say “Ahhh!” in amazement, of their find. They will say “Tu-ah,” to look and to call another person “Uy,” which also means hey.

They shall call their planet Atuy!

Side A side of Planet Atuy
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