Wakwak A Novel Chapter 1

First a little background on what a wakwak is, they are a mythical creature in the Philippines, notably around the Visayas Regions and Mindanao Regions.

If you want a few more stories of them, you can check one out and read the post below.

A wakwak’s chronicle

Before Vampire Diaries, Vampire Chronicles, or even Twilight saga. There was this strange wakwak story, it was told to me by my father, around the 80’s if my memory serves me right. The idea that Vampires have a leadership or political structure in the shadows, did not surprise me like the mentioned titles above, I… read more A wakwak’s chronicle

Wakwak A Novel is a story about several Wakwak, in the United States. A few of them became one out of ignorance, by accepting the something from a dying person.

This chapter is about self discovery about your new self, to those who have are aware of what a wakwak is, will be shocked. Those who do not, will be confused. It is as if everything was a dream.

Read more about it here.

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