Untouchable Billionaires

Island Trouble

Chapter 10

The Gurkhas pan out to their reassigned posts. Ernest goes back down to the basement to get a few more extra T.V. monitors

“Can we have a visual with the drones, I want to see what it sees.”

Patel nods, “We have a few more on standby, we can control it from here I suppose.”

“Great, can we view it on a larger screen then?”

“I’ll set it up.”

While they are setting up, Rajiv moves forward to their makeshift forward observation post.

“I have eyes on the incoming.” Rajiv reports on the radio. “It is a small boat, more of a fisherman’s. It says Big Ships?”

“I need a visual on whose driving,” Ernest responds, “sending a photo of Mr. Bigsy to your phone.”

“It is not him, the guy is skinny.”

“We cannot sink it,” Ernest talking to himself, “tell him to keep watch, shoot if it comes near. No warning shots maybe. For christ sake the guy might still be alive.”

“The drones from overwatch, should be in range any moment now.” Patel reports, “we should have some initial.”

“Tiger leader, Overwatch, it appears we have some tangos. Armed persons, possible hostiles.”

“Copy that overwatch.”

“We need some visuals here.”

“Patel, Kamal says he’s ready,” Ram, one of the Gurkha’s informs Patel, “shall we launch.”

Patel gives a nod. A minute later, they have a visual. 

“Now that is Bigsy’s boat alright. If it is still coming here we need to tell them to stop somewhere. Bigsy’s not in the boat. And I do not recognize any of those guys. Can you send this video to Anna?”

“I’m seeing it Ernest.” Anna on the Sat Comm., “I don’t like it, if they get too close…”

“We’ll call the cops first?”

“Tiger 1, Tiger 2,” Rajiv called Patel.

“Tiger 2, Tiger 1, receiving.”

“I cannot make it out, we think they have small arms and smg, please confirm over.”

“They’re shooting at the drones, and they are circling back.” Ernest observes.

“Looks like they are fighting each other,” Patel observes.

“Anna, I am calling the police. This is a matter for them now, we have shots fired.” Ernest informs Anna of his actions.

“Okay, Ernest, I am coming over now. How is her Ladyship?”

“Asleep. I’ll talk to you later, I have the cops on the phone.”

The ship did circle back to shore for a few minutes but came back in the direction of the island again.

“Tiger Lead, Overwatch, we have visuals, confirmed on the SMGs, there was some brief moment there we could not ascertain yet. But it seems they have made up their mind.”

“So they are coming back.”


“Please standby and report when the local authorities come for them.”

“Son,” Thomas on Ernest, “Looks like you guys have an army here, I guess I will not be using this.” Thomas gives Ernest back the ammo and the shotgun. “I’ll go see if your mother is up, maybe she can do something with the meals.”

Ernest takes gun and ammo from his dad, “the cops are about 15 minutes up, give and take five more. Is it prudent to fire warning shots, it will take them ten minutes to get here. What do you think Anna?”

“Negative, let them come in, and we’ll take them once they are inside. The JESTERs are coming in a chopper in 30 minutes. I will be there in 20 minutes, I am on a boat rental. Have Rajiv or Patel give you an update and options.”

“Thanks Anna,” Ernest still not assured of the chances and he turns to Patel, “so what now?”

“We wait? What do you need to know?”

“For starters, any other visuals that say other than that ship is coming?” Ernest goes back to his work station and turns on a few more screens. While Patel confirms on the other stations.

“Okay, it looks like the FLIR system says it’s only that ship, I need someone to use these cameras, they can control it from here. Intruders could be in a sub or something so keep watch.”

“We are clear on all stations.” Patel reports to Ernest.

Ernest then puts up a map from a tabletop computer. With the FLIR camera videos on the side of the screen. “So how many troops do we have, and where are they?”

“Is this UniCom connected?” UniCom means united communication, their jargon to mean all of their communications connect from radio phones to cell phones and tablets.

“Yes it is. It is logged in to our communications.”

Patel, taps the tabletop computer, he adds his username, and required another authentication for user, then third authentication for none remote was to connect via Bluetooth his handheld communication device with the tabletop computer and lastly a proof of life hardware that takes your photo, iris scan, fingerprint scan, and your voice sample.

Ernest comments on the security, “you know we’d be dead with all of those authentications, we should find another way for a quick log.” 

“I’m in, all tigers be advised to prepare to send in your coordinates via UniCom.” Patel sends out invites to their battle map software, Rajiv and his men follow suit.

“We have another incoming vessel,” one of Patel’s men inside, “I do not have anything on the transponder but it seems the vector is for the Big Ships.”

“Do we have more drones?” asks Ernest, “have them fly overhead again, hope that they will shoot at it… again, that should interest the cops a little more.”

“Launching,” the drone operator advises.

“When we are close to them, let me know when you are, but don’t get too close yet.”

“That close should do it?”

It is not clear but on the camera it seems that someone is on the floor of the boat. Ernest calls the cops, again and informs them that he is going to fly a drone overhead the boat.

Dispatcher still on the phone calls on the patrol boat and apprises them of the developing situation.

Ernest signals for the drone to dive in. Like clockwork, they are shooting at the drone again. This truly caught the cops attention.

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