Untouchable Billionaires

Sink or float

Chapter 12

“Hey Pat, you’re dating Gorm are you, can you call him?” Big B asks his boat operator.

“Dating?” Her eyes roll, and she calls Gorm.

Gorm answers, “hey darling, I am a little off and in a bind here, can we postpone our date?”

“Ah… you wish, Double B wants to talk to you.” She passes her cellphone to Big B.

“Hey Gorm, I’m sorry man,” he manages to laugh softly and quietly, then he regains control, “so, how are we playing this out, another slappy joke on WHO?”

Gorm also manages to laugh and smile, then uncontrollably for a few seconds, “never gets old for me Big B, I don’t know I am just trying to contain this and keep him talking until they can think of a way out.”

“Hey, you out there, I can hear you laughing.” Ronnie 2, pissed at being laughed at, “this is not a joke you know.”

“Okay, hold on let me answer him,” Gorm picks up his mike, “I am really sorry sir but the noise of the wind through the holes you guys made on the boat is deafening, I can’t hear. You might want to speak a little bit louder.”

“Hey Gorm, we’ll call you back, you take the lead.” Big B hangs up.

“Hey!” Ronnie 2 pulls Bigsy out into the open, “I will kill this guy.”

“I’m sorry sir, you’ll need to speak a little louder or we can wait for the bullhorn, would you need me to request for a bullhorn sir?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Did he just say aboot? Oh shit this might be a cross-border crime.”

“Hey! Are you listening, coppers.” Ronnie 2, then faces his colleagues, “that should confuse them a bit.”

“Hello, sir, are you saying you are ready to surrender?”

Ronnie 2 moves back, beside Bigsy standing besides the wheel with Ronnie 3, “are they joking?”

“Hardly, after a shootout like that.” Ronnie 3 expresses his view.

“Must be buying time,” Ronnie 1 observes, “if they are we are doomed, we are doomed anyway, let’s just get it on with.”

Big B talking to his partner, “Hey Patricia, if those idiots find out that we are a bunch of clowns here, ram that boat. Call Gorm again please.”

“Hey Gorm, Double B here, the silence is deafening if anything goes, I’ll have Pat ram the boat.”

“Sounds like an idea. Maybe we can fish.”

“Sounds like a plan, because these guys might not wait, if they find out we are just a bunch of clowns.”

“Hahaha, you are right on that one.”

“Clowns?” Patricia protests, “you guys are the clowns, speak for yourself, Double B.”

“Hey!” Ronnie 2 yells out, “we are ready to surrender, copper.”

“I’m sorry sir, we can’t hear you.” Gorm replies.

Ronnie 2 raises his hands up.

“Do you want to surrender?”

Ronnie 2 yanks his head up and down, then he turns his palms around and moves his forearms in and out, in a gesture of asking them to move closer.

“Are you saying, you want us to come closer?”

Ronnie 2 yanks his head up and down.

“Throw your weapons to the floor.”

Ronnie 2 turns to his comrades.

“This is not working,” Ronnie 3 speaks out, “they know your gameplay.”

“Nah… it is pretty much SOP to them.”

“How the hell did we get into this situation?” Ronnie 1 questions both of them, “I only shoot shoot and shoot, and this is not what I am in for, we die we die.”

“I wonder why we are in this situation in the first place.” Ronnie 3 expressing his support for Ronnie 1.

“Well Romuso gave us wrong intel on the subject. I mean how did we end up with the cops here so quick?”

“If we give up, we are dead, if we get away, we are dead, in the end they’ll hunt us down, we are dead anyway.” Ronnie 1 voices his concern.

Ronnie 2 questions Bigsy, “Hey you fat guy, how many people are on the island?”


“Just one?”

“Well, I think three now, his folks are there. I drove them a day ago.”


“You know, old people, mom and dad.”

“I know, I know that. So his folks are in there. How did the cops know?”

“How should I know? I’m as blind as you are.”

“How about those drones?” Ronnie 3 inquires.

“I have never seen one like it before, we fish here.”

“If there are only three people on that island, and two are old people, how old is the other one?”

“40ish, or something.”

“Male or female?”


“Does he like drones?”

“How would I know, I just take him in and out of the island.”

“There has got to be more than three people on that island.” Ronnie 2 analyzes, “let’s play chicken with these cops, shall we?”

The two nods in agreement.

Ronnie 2 drags Bigsy from the wheel.

“Hey, hey slowly man, I am actually sea sick, I take meds so that I don’t get seasick.”

“Are you joking with me? How is it that a fisherman like you gets to be seasick?”

“I rent the boat, I don’t drive the boat, except for those who I personally take to the island, now those are the juicy deals.” He lurches but stopped, “okay, those are where the bucks are, I mean extra ones and good.”

“Come on,” Ronnie 2 drags him out.

Bigsy pleads his hands together like in prayer or diving and raised above his head, he walks staggering, “please, oh please don’t kill me.”

“Hey, listen up I am going to kill him if you do not let us go.” Ronnie 2 announces.

As Bigsy nears the edge of the boat’s stern.

“Why don’t you let that fish go?” Announces Gorm through the speakers.

As he said that Bigsy jumps into the sea, portside quarter, pretending to fall, he swims down as deep as he can.

“What the fuck!” Ronnie 2 loses his hostage.

“Go Pat, Go.”

Patricia throttles at ramming speed against the Big Ships, they went fast quickly, ridding the current of the lake.

The three turn to their right opposite of where Bigsy fell, as the sound of a speeding boat revs up.

Baker 19 revs up and follows to be in between Bigsy and the Big Ships, in an attempt to cover Bigsy if he ever surfaces up.

“Hey,” Bigsy surfaces to stern of Baker 19, “over here.”

Gorm throws a buoy.

Big Ships’ pirates concentrate their fire at Baker 13, distracted by Baker 19  rescues Bigsy, reverses.

Pat and Big B cover as they continue to ram Big Ships.

A series of small explosions underneath the hull of Big Ships, rocking the boat a little. As Baker 13 rams the starboard quarter, Mr. Bigsy’s fishing boat is cut in half and sinks rapidly to the bottom of the lake.

The three assailants managed to stay afloat, with their weapons in tow.

“Ronnie 1, drop the 50, it is not worthy, man,” Ronnie 3 pleads to him, “it is not worth it man we can get another 50.”

Eventually Ronnie 1 lets the 50CAL go.

As they float and try to stay afloat, Big B, throws them a lifeline one ring buoy.

“Fellas, might as well turn the guns around, buttstock first,” Patricia aims her weapon on them, “common now, easy and slowly.”

A third police patrol boat joins them.

“My boat, my Big Ships.” Mr. Bigsy, in disbelief of what just happened.

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