Untouchable Billionaires

Linda Cunningham 1

Chapter 13

“Hey, what the hell just happened?” Bewildered Linda Cunningham asks herself from a boat far enough for her to see the events. A Nikon camera with telescopic lens and a pair of binoculars on her side.

Dimanche Maginot, the name on her cellphone, she presses call.

“Hey, something terrible happened.”

On the other end, “what happened?”

“The cops came and the boat sank, the cops have them now.” She hangs up.

Bewildered, she left the scene and headed for land. 

On land, she takes out one of her many burner phones, each phone is for a specific purpose. One of them was for the media, she dials a reporter from the local news.

“Hey, hey, this is Carol, remember me?” Linda changes her accent to somewhat like that of a Princeton educated person. 

“Oh hello, Carol, how are you? You know what I guess we should get drunk right now, I just have nothing to do, this part of the country is boring.” Samantha Bronx, frustrated by the dragging day.

“Hold your horses there, literally, I am looking at horse island, and there seems to be a shooting.”

“What? Seriously!”

“Yeah, the cops are fishing out the survivors now.”

“Fishing out? A boat sunk?”


“I’m coming, don’t go away.”

“Listen, I’ll try to stay as long as I can, I can give you an update if they have left.”

Linda hangs up, as Samantha, scrambles to go and be the first. Linda then calls another reporter, using another phone with a label that says, ‘cupid, Marlon Cruz, Penny Cruz’.

“Hey, cupid…” Linda with an overly intense tone, “remember me, do you still have your bow, I have your arrow.”

“Oh, god,” Marlon caught aghast by the call, “am, am…”

“It’s me Penny, remember.”

“How? How’d you know this number?”

“Is that how you treat me now,” Linda still played it sweetly, “after all we’ve been through, how is your wife doing?”

“What do you want? Money?”

“Is that how you see me now?”

Marlon sighs. Linda could hear him frustrated.

“Anway sweet, I hear there is a shootout on horse island, the cops are fishing out the culprits right now.”

“Where? What? At the lighthouse?”

“Now, you, interested, are you? Anyway, I do not really know the details, I just see what I see. It’s actually a boat sunk while the cops are shooting at it.”

“So, it’s not on the island?”

“If you don’t come, you won’t get the story. I have to go now bye bye.”

Marlon scrambles for the police scanner.

It does not take long when the other news crew sees another, like a shark feeding frenzy, a predator smelling blood, in this case a story.

An ID that says “BBC News”, and below it ‘Bold Bloggers Corps’ her photo and name, Danila Coney, and at the bottom, a big red footer with a white bold and all capitalized word that says ‘PRESS’.

Like clockwork Samantha and her crew were there, along with another of her co-workers who would cover another angle of the story. Then the other news crew came.

The EMS arrives after a few news channels have set up their cameras, several ambulances to be exact. Then a few more police cars to support the incoming patrol boats for the turn over.

From a scenic and peaceful place, Sackets Harbor is now chaotic. A plethora of people from so called independent news, bloggers, and from the mainstream media. Everyone is the news now.

As the three Ronnies are being brought out and into the squad cars, the news crews like sharks came in and began asking them questions taking their photos. 

It was a mob. The police were not prepared that this would get a lot of media attention. To the three Ronnies, this was a death sentence.

Linda manages to slip a cell phone with a GPS on, for tracking, into one of the cargo pants’ pockets on one of the Ronnies.

By the time the Ronnies were inside the squad cars, the police’s ground commander managed to muster a few more hands to push the gathering crowd back.

“Alright everyone, may I have your attention please. I will only make an initial statement.”

The crowd was still fixated to see some real commando still in their attire caught by the police.

“Settle down now everyone now, move back and let the cars leave.”

The crowd did as was told only to do so because the cars kept moving forward.

“Can I have everyone’s attention please, because I still have to go and start the investigation.”

The rest of the reporters settled down except for a few.

“My name is Anders Robertson; I am the supervisor for the scene. I have nothing to say at the moment, except that the suspects will be moved to an undisclosed location. Thank you.”

As he attempted to leave, one of the reporters yelled.

“Who are they?”

He turns to the reporter and walks back and shrugs, then walks to his car.

Linda texts Samantha.

“…And there, you have it, the cops are pretty sure that these guys are terrorists, or assassins. That the police had to give us a meager statement, and that they are taking them to an undisclosed location.”

Samantha Bronx unsure of what to do next. She shakes her head. Her phone vibrates. A text message from Carol.

Carol: I may have an idea where they are taking them

Samantha: Where???

Carol: I’ll let you know when I get there

Somewhere in New York, in one of the government offices…

“You know, I can’t just do that.” An official of the state of New York talking to someone on the phone.

“I’m not going to send in the correction officers. You see, you are not paying me enough to take the fall, look at how much media attention this is getting.” Continues the state official. Then hangs up the phone.

Linda gets a text message from Dimanche.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, you are not having them in jail, and you are not killing them.” Linda, thinking out loud, “I may have to get them out of there myself”.

Linda looks at the tracker app, and sees that they have all stopped at the local police station nearby. She texts Samantha.

Carol: I just saw them at the Sackets Harbor Police office

Samantha: What??? Thanks.

Samantha, leaves the scene at the Navy Point Marine, as quickly as possible, but her exit is noticed by Marlon.

Marlon tries to call ‘Penny Cruz’, but the number is unattended. He rallies his crew to follow Samantha. His actions, of course, were noticed by the rest of the news media.

Samantha is way ahead of everyone.

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