Untouchable Billionaires

Linda Cunningham 2

Chapter 14

Samantha and her crew approach the police station, before they could go any further from the Navy Point.

“Rats, they are all rats,” complains Samantha, “just look at them Leo, they are all coming for my story, I mean our story. Jesus fucking christ.”

“Just play it cool Sam,” Leo relaxed quite relaxed even sitting at the back, lounging, “we’ll eventually get there first.”

“Patricia, maybe we could you know make them chase around you for a while. Drop us off somewhere here, wait turn here, we could make a run for it over there, now turn here.”

Patricia their driver drops them off after she turns right to Ray street, where the other news crew could not see them get off the news van. She makes a u-turn and towards Bayard.

The three make a run from house to house leapfrogging, hidden by the trees and the  shrubberies.

By the time the first of the news vans saw Patricia turn right to Bayard, they were already halfway towards the police station. 

“Leo you lazy bastard, I thought you were our producer.” Samantha complained.

“Chill out, I’m not in combat am I.”

“Hey, we have a strong signal here, I think we can do this without the van.” Azaria, their camera man.

“Az, set the system over there we should be able to get a good comms with her once both of you are inside.” Leo, on Azaria.

It didn’t take a minute to set it up, everything was prepared for such a time as this. Both the cameraman and reporter went inside the police station.

Azaria made the standard gestures hand signals to her, 3, 2, 1.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here today at the Sackets Harbor Police Department, as we get a closer look at the terrorists or assailants, who shot at the police earlier today and sank a boat.”

Samantha approaches one of the Ronnies.

“Excuse me sir, do you have any statements, or do you have anything to say? What is your name?”

No answer.

“Hey, what are you guys doing here? Move away from the suspect. Don’t ask any questions.”

“There you have it ladies and gentlemen, all he gave me was a scary stare… okay cut I don’t think this is going to work Az.”

“We’ll just try another.”

Samantha’s phone rings, it says ‘Unknown Number’. She answers it anyway.


Over the speaker a voice, clearly a voice changer.

“Ask them about, Little Bo Peep.”


“Who’s Little Bo Peep?”

The Ronnies overheard her.

“Hey, who’s Little Bo Peep?”

Linda who is parked further away, but in visible range from the Police station. Pulling the strings from a distance.

Further behind her a cable repair van, equipped with a listening device.

“Hey Frank, who the hell is that?”

“Not one of us! I’m calling it in.”

“Scoundrel base, squirrel one, we seem to have an interloper.”

“Say again squirrel one.”

“We have an unidentified female, she seems to be watching the police station.”

“Can we have ears on her.”

“Yes sir!”

“Mole one, this is Scoundrel base, do you copy, we have an interloper.”

“Yep!” mole one is sitting inside the police station, looking and observing at the actors inside. Directly behind all three of the Ronnies.

“Ah… Mole one, our target here seems to be communicating, she is using a voice changer, and she said something about ‘Little Bo Peep’”

“Squirrel one Mole One, I think they are planning a getaway, and Little Bo Peep is the reporter and she does not know it yet.”

“Aw, shit, who the fuck is that?”

Another car just passed the police station, that seems to have a government plate. It turns left towards Hill street, just a little after the corner it stops.

Samantha’s van arrives and parks on the side of the station. Patricia goes inside.

“CQ to all, pizza man is coming.” (For the uninitiated, CQ means Calling on all Quarters)

A pizza delivery car parks right in front of the police station blocking all the squad cars. 

A tall dark colored guy comes out with pizza in tow, his height is even more accentuated with him wearing a turban like how the Sikhs wear them. 

He goes in.

Anders Robertson, annoyed that his plan of fooling everyone on the undisclosed location did not work, “Hey Patricia.”

“Patricia, did someone call me?” Sam’s driver sounds off.

“What another clown? No not you, her. Jesus Christ what the hell is this here a circus.”

“Really Anders, I’m trying to book this guy, do you have to take it out on me that I didn’t go out with you.”

All the while, during their conversations, the pizza man wearing short cargo pants, steps in front of mole one. Mole one, takes out something from his pockets.

“What are you talking about, come on, please, let the guys here do that for you, you did a good job today.”

She rolls her eyes.

“Alright folks, let us all get out of here.”

“Hello!” the pizza man yells, “did someone order a pizza?”

One of the office workers repeats the question with gusto and enthusiasm, “hey did someone order pizza,” he smiles like a dork.

“No nobody ordered pizza, will you please leave.” Announces an annoyed Anders.

“Hey, what are you doing, why are you pushing me around, that is against my rights. Who will pay for the pizza?”

Undaunted by the cops refusing her to ask questions, Samantha continues to ask another suspect and then the third and then she goes back to the first one.

The commotion is building up. Together with her, mole one, interspersed, made a pass at one of the Ronnies, giving him a key to the handcuff. 

As Samantha moves, he moves as if trying to go through them, and he gives another key to another Ronnie. The last one was difficult, and he had to pass.

“Hey, hey, hey, stopping pushing me.” The pizza man, clearly not an Indian, pretends to be one, with his fake tan and wrong accent. “It says here it is from Anders Robet.”

“Come on dude, you’re not even Indian, you’re just a white dude with some tanning oil.” Pat tried to remove him out along with the reporter and her crew.

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