Updates to UB

Untouchable Billionaires is a story of a lot of characters, all culminating in one massive revelation of years of wealth building. There is one character that is as enigmatic as all of them, Linda Cunningham, early on in the story she seems to be in trouble with the law, but managed to get away from it all. Now we find her pulling strings. But just who is she? The story is long and there are a lot of elements to fall in place before we know the character’s motives as well as the other characters. Here is the latest excerpt click on read more below to read the whole chapter

Chapter 14 Samantha and her crew approach the police station, before they could go any further from the Navy Point. “Rats, they are all rats,” complains Samantha, “just look at them Leo, they are all coming for my story, I mean our story. Jesus fucking christ.” “Just play it cool Sam,” Leo relaxed quite relaxed… read more Linda Cunningham 2

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