Wakwak A Novel

Chapter 12

I was not sure if I was becoming a Brit but everyone sounded like Englishmen. I did not mind it then, but now that I look back at this, I was the only one who was having an American accent. Tasyo again rallies everyone.

“Alright chaps, time for us to retreat after all of these treats, let us all carry on, and fight tomorrow onwards. Let us get ourselves rested first.”

As I have said at this point, I was annoyed and relieved that I could understand everyone when they speak in wakwak language, I was annoyed because they sounded like Enlighsmen. I did not know what Tasyo was saying. And I noticed the two scouts again talking to Tasyo.

“Jo, would you please come over here, we need some of your inputs.” Tasyo called me over.

“So, what do we have?”

“It seems the Japs are still retreating, and they are regrouping en masse, I think they are closing ranks.”

“I don’t know what to do yet? Can we keep on observing them, I thought that we are going back up in the mountains.”

“We are.”

“Would the Japs not go back up in the mountains again to hunt for us?”

“Will they?”

“Right now they are that determined. Is there any other campsite that you guys have for an alternate base.”

“We could start building one from scratch way away from this place. But we need those weapons.”

“Listen, I think the Japs are as superstitious as we are, maybe if we kill more of them without any blood or wounds, that would scare them.”

“Good point, we shall do that. While we run back to the campsite.”

“Maybe if we could isolate three of them and let one of them live, and have him see an animal change into human form and kill. That should scare him and make him also unbelievable.”

“What do we do with the rest of them, there are about two hundred of them still up in the mountains?”

“I am not sure of my abilities about snatching them and killing them, maybe you could give me your estimates.”

“I don’t think we are up for that either, we are or never had any war experience. But we could snatch a few and have one witness it.”

“First, we need to know where they are going. Are they staying up there or are they going up or down?”

“Then we react.”

“Yes, but we need to find a group of three first, and kill two.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Tasyo faced the two scouts, “Bering, Tingting, let us know their movements, go back there and stay out of their reach, we need you guys alive not dead.”

The two scouts went back out deeper into the woods. I could sense the Japs up ahead. And no sooner, I heard the call from a distance, as one of the scouts yelled.

“Hey! Hey guys, I think we have the perfect candidates here.”

“Hold your position and we’ll come over.” Yells Tasyo back at them.

“Should we be yelling, the Japs could hear us.” I was again a green horn, and Tasyo just turned his head and said.

“Really Johnson, I think they will be hearing bird calls.”

“How do I do that?” I was curious because I could understand them.

“Well… how do we sound like to you? Is it another language that you understand? Because all we do is think it is another language and we harden our accent a little bit to distinguish it from our native accents.”

“Oh, oh, so, that is why I am hearing you guys in English, or rather British accents.”

“Obviously Johnson, I am also new to this, and I am oblivious if you are speaking our language or not. Because I speak English. Try to think that you are speaking the wakwak language, then imitate that accent when you call us.”

I did as I was told so I yelled to Bering.

“Oy Bering, you still following those lads?”

“Precisely, any request?”

“Are they in a single file where we can grab the rear without them seeing one is missing?”

“No, they are moving laterally, I suppose?”

I smiled and laughed at myself, “this is amazing,” I whispered to Tasyo in an American accent. And this he spoke in a different accent and whispered.

“Of course it is.” With a hard accent on the ‘F’ that sounded like a ‘P’

“So, shall we go, Tasyo?”

“Indeed dear chap let us go.”

We managed to reach Bering’s position and saw the three Japs. While Tingting the other scout kept a close watch on our perimeter of attack.

“Hello chaps, I think we are good to go, none can reach in time after the kill?”

“Thank you laddy.” I yelled back, and I huddled the two, Bering and Tasyo. “I think either one of you should take the first one, while I do the second one, and the third one must be taken while one sees one of you guys transform into an animal.” 

I figured we cannot do this without having them look in one direction only, centered behind one person not spread out.

“We will need a distraction first. Just do what I say.”

I threw a bunch of rocks to their far right which shook the shrubs and made a lot of noise as some of it hit the trees. Everyone aimed to their right.

“Tasyo, get the guy on the leftmost now no blood okay.”

Tasyo flew in like a bat swift and quick, he flew up without a noise. It was a surgical strike, quick power drain.

“If he is dead drop him and hide. Bering, when their heads are turned to the other side grab that guy to the rightmost’s rifle.”

Tasyo dropped his baggage and left, the Japs body made noise and they all looked to the other side.

“Now, Bering!”

Bering came in like Tasyo swift, pushed the Jap down to the ground and snatched his rifle away from him.

“Did you see if he has a side arm?”

“If he did, he hid it.” Replies Bering.

Everyone of the squad was now rattled, their comrade dropped dead from the sky and then another noise. They all aimed to the other side again and I swooped in for my kill.

I was making a lot of noise, well probably not that much but enough for them to turn around, while I finished up my kill as fast as I could.

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