Wakwak A Novel

Chapter 13

As I was finishing up my kill I yelled to both of them. “Can someone change into a dog?” Both of them obliged. Now there were growling noises on both sides. Diving the attention of the two.

I dropped my kill on top of the armed one. Which made him drop his rifle. Remember it was dark, and I did not drop the rifle with him, I was holding on to it. As he tried to retrieve his rifle back I made a soft landing and grab the rifle as much as away from him.

“Wait, let me position myself just in case, I will aim the gun at them.”

“They both do not have rifles now, just say when.” Tasyo replies.

The two Japs are up on their feet, it might be dark, but there was still light, enough to see in the dark. The two Japs faced each other. I didn’t know what they were saying. But when I saw two of them facing each other.

“Tasyo dear chap, would you mind growling a little then move over to those bushes or vegetation, enough to hide yourself.”

The two Japs were still talking so I said, “Tasyo, make another growl and slowly change into a man again, make sure that he sees you as a dog first and a man then.”

I didn’t know if the Japs were scared or angry, but clearly the voice sounded alarmed. So Tasyo stood up, still in his animal form and transformed slowly into a human. 

Man the guy can really act, he faced sideways first, showing a silhouette of a dog’s head. Then he turns around as he transforms back into a human. The Jap who was facing him, I think he was really scared because he was stammering.

He was mumbling something, and the other one did not say anything.

I guess he sounded like saying the same word. Then Tasyo made a loud growl, then changed fully back into his wakwak-humanoid form, and killed the Jap while his back was facing towards Tasyo.

I could hear both of them scream, they were really terrified. And I told Bering to charge on the other but not kill him, he ran. We all followed the runner from a distance. 

He was lost, so we tried to funnel him towards where most of the Japanese troops were converging. I do not understand Japanese language, when he met up with most of his countrymen, it seemed to them he was not making any sense.

If my memory serves me right an officer faced him and questioned him. I don’t get it still they were all like barking orders and you know. You understand when someone is speaking softly while someone like in the armed services a drill sergeant perhaps yelling alot. That is how I felt the situation, the behaviour, or the conduct of everyone. 

The sergeant was always scolding and yelling at the poor lad, then an officer came, a lieutenant. Boy he was furious, unlike the drill sergeant type he was not being crass, sounded like an educated man, calm and demanding.

Then the drill sergeant grabbed some men, this time ten of them and he grabbed the runner. I did not know what to make of it, so I called everyone up all four of us.

“What do you guys think, what do you guys make of it?”

Tasyo being the older of the two, well clearly the more seasoned and respected of them replies as both were clearly the henchmen types. “What are your suggestions Johnson? I am still up for running away. While it is still dark, they cannot see us running away.”

“Now that you reminded me of that? But what do you think? Can we still observe them a little longer and take out a few on the rear as they walk along? Maybe fifteen minutes more.”

After a five minute walk we started to take out the rear elements. But I wanted to see how the sergeant would react. What was left of the squad was the witness, the point man, the sergeant and two more soldiers. I think we overdid it.

So the rear trooper alerted the sergeant. 

“Tasyo, dear old chap, would you mind teaching me how to transform into an animal?” I opened up to Tasyo. And clearly the Japs were a little alarmed. As the scared runner started telling them something. I clearly think he was talking about us and the sound we made.

“Oh, that would take a lot of practice, but yeah. Dear boy, I’d rather that you not go, I do not want to lose you, we clearly have tactics but we do not know modern warfare.”

I understood that they needed me that much. So, I said, “All I need is if the sergeant gets scared of us.”

It was then that Tasyo called the two scouts to prepare them for their next moves. “So Johnson, what shall we do, specifically.”

“Now that you mentioned it, this will take a little bit of finesse and coordination.” Then I threw rocks everywhere to imitate movement, since the Japs were starting to go into our direction.

The two scouts doubled back to where they hid the dead Japanese. Each of us got one dead Japanese body. Of course I did include the rifle but removed their ammo. The sound alerted the Japs back to our direction.

I threw the first body right in front of the Jap sergeant, remember this was dark, and everywhere was pitch plack, you can only see what is right in front of you when you are out of the canopy of the forest. If you look into the forest it’s just darkness.

Tingting threw the other body from their left, while I moved towards Tasyo who was to their right, to avoid them just in case they started to shoot at the forest blindly. Of which they did.

The terrain was sloped, we were on the higher ground. While they were shooting blindly, we moved to their rear and disarmed them. We pushed them to the ground while they lost their grip on their weapons. So we took them, when they got up they only had those knives.

“You mean a Katana” Steffan interrupts 

“No, these guys had knives”

“Their called Katana”

“Alright, alright, these are knives, they are basically bayonets. Stop interrupting me!”

Tasyo threw another dead Jap on their sides, and then Bering dropped one from the sky. It was hilarious they hurried back to their commander.

So we left them and we went back to the mountains with more loot from them. It turns out that the Jap unit that landed in Leyte was a mistake, they were supposed to be in Luzon. Which I think now was the reason that they left us.

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