Wakwak A Novel

Chapter 15

“Ki-kik,” replied Tasyo, “and what is your business here, would you give us your name please.”

I did not know if she was being cynical or not. I did not understand it at that time but she said, “Waray opai.” 

I did not know what it was, later I was told that it was kind of, well like she sounded really condescending, to say that to the ‘waray’ speaking people and it was also a joke at the same time. Anyway back to the conversation.

“Waray opai,” the ki-kik laughed and she smiled. “So you guys really do come in a pack. Trining, well Trinidad, what are your names then.”

“Tasyo, this is Johnson, Titing and Bering, you know where he is. So what can we do to help you with?”

“God knows? All I know is war is coming, maybe we can help each other.”

“The Japanese have left,” Tasyo replied, “what is it that we need you for? How many are you by the way?”

“Is this by the numbers now?”

“Tasyo, may I interject?” I whispered to Tasyo it seems she can understand us and we hers or we can speak the same language.

“Here, we have Johnson Lutz, US Army, and a new wakwak, being a military man, he knows warfare, I think he’d be best in a position to speak about numbers.” Tasyo, introduced, well okay that was rather flowery, but yes he may have said less.

“Yes madam, it is by  numbers now, that way we can better predict our capabilities, and thus perhaps create some procedures and train ourselves when the Japs come back.”

“I see, and I am surprised to see an American becoming one like us.”

“Madame, are you trying to say you are a wakwak .”

“Of course not, but like us, imbued with the powers that are supernatural, I may not be a wakwak because I do not use and make that sound, but I do when I talk to you or perhaps and of course others like me.”

“If there are others like you where are they?”

“We do not operate in packs, I seemed to grow up hunting alone and always alone, however, I am aware of others like me.  Some are even a family?”

“Madam, we would prefer a proper accounting of your numbers.  Is that possible?  Or is it possible to talk to others and have them come here?”

“Do we have an alliance?”

“I do not know, perhaps good old chap Tasyo here can answer that.”

Tasyo continues from here on, “Of course, personally I would agree to an alliance.  For now let us have one, but ultimately it would be the council who will decide.”

“When do you think the council will agree?”

“I do not know I still need to meet them and plead your case to them.  And I still need to call for a meeting of the council.  Perhaps give me a week, by then I should have information.  Would it be possible for you to come back tomorrow?  That way you can help us with the repairs and preparation, such as rearmament, of the traps.”

“Very well tomorrow then. Tomorrow night.”

“Why can you not come during the daytime?”

“I would still be asleep, and my abode is nowhere nearby, I would need to be in this state just to be able to come here.”

“Then where might your residence be?”

“Across the sea, Camotes.”

“I see, that is a problem.  Are you the only one on that island?”

“I suppose so, I am originally from the south here, all the way down south, southern Leyte.”

“How long does it take you to get here?”  I interjected.

Glowering she responds, “And why do you ask?”

“It’s not that you’re entrance and thus your presence is not enthralling enough, simply operational projections.  Like when do we expect you to arrive when we need you to, this is to coordinate a military strike.  Purely business, nothing to do with your beauty.”

“I left my abode when it was dusk and I arrived here just before the Japanese left, or started leaving the mountains.”

“Thank you madam.” Then I turned to Tasyo in a low voice, “Tasyo old chap, my apologies for the interruption, but if you could ask her, or perhaps you can answer this. What brought her here? Since she is all the way from another island.”

“Thank you Johnson, apologies are not necessary, we all have to say something and quick, it seems it caught her, and she was able to answer truthfully I presume.” Tasyo replied, then turns to Trining.

“Madam, I am curious at what really brought you here all the way from Camotes islands.”

“A meal.”

“All the way here but not in Camotes?”

“You know how they say, never kill a neighbor, or they’ll turn on you?”

“Were you hunting about, or did you have foreknowledge?”


“And might I ask, how did you gain such?”

“My wonderful ki-kik of course.”

“Who might your target be?”

“Is that quite necessary? It was a random lad, all alone and ripe for the picking.”

“Johnson, I seem to have run out of questions, would you mind?”

“Sure thing,” I replied and then I turned to Trining, “not necessarily needed, but it would help us eliminate who were our kill and Jap kills.”

“Small farm maybe an hour’s walk from here. I could hear your noise, and the noise you all made. I think that should answer why I came too.”

Tasyo interrupts, “and what of the lad madam is he dead? If so, the body will smell and…”

“I was rather interrupted by the noise you made. I am still hungry, which is why I must take my leave, or I will lose control of my faculties. We all know what it is like do we?”

“Quite right, quite right madam, so would you like our assistance for this endeavour of yours?”

“Stop patronizing me, I am not slobbish, I am no hog, I shall dispose of my meal with some degree of finesse.”

“Indeed you are, indeed you are madam, we are just slightly concerned that the people will fear us rather than the enemies and thus might acquiesce to the presence of the Japanese and therefore support them and thus hunt for us instead.”

“I shall take my leave now and take that under advisement.”

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