Untouchable Billionaires

Oh! Carol

Chapter 20

“It looks like she planned this well. But she did not count us in.” Anna agrees with Ernest.

“Yeah. We are the missing factor. I bet she thought this was a quick job.”

“Well you gotta hand it to her, she is resourceful. Alright, I guess we need to distract her now.”

Comms chatter, they listen as their operatives execute Annas orders.

“Looks like we finally have the news van, and the distraction seemed to work.” Ernest is relieved of how the operation went.

“Now let’s go and watch a movie.  Do you have a larger screen?”

Ernest obliges. As the van is reeled in to the large van truck.

“Okay, so I think… I’m patched with the van now.” Ernest turns the feed inside the van and… “I don’t think we have any audio.”

Anna barks orders on the comm.

“Okay I think we have one now.” Ernest adjusts the volume of the audio.

They listened to the conversation inside the van.

Ernest makes his initial assessment. “So who is Carol really? I think it’s their controller. That lady in the car. But how deep are they in the know? Looks like they are in the dark as well.”

“We should first start with what they know and who they are the least, their names.” Anna orders the controller to ask them their names.

“Yeah you are right.”

More chatter from the van.

“Looks like they are doing an interview, with the three mercs.”

“Ronnie 1, 2, 3 is that a weird alias or what? Oh I get it,” Ernest amused with their aliases, “they are Ronins. Ronnie 1… 3, they are Ronins,” he puts on a smile into his face.

“Which means they do not have a boss.”

“Exactly and it means something else too. We all know that the Samurais would gladly die for their Shogun or Daimyo, right?”


“Do you remember the stories of the forty-seven ronins?”

“Is that a movie? And what are you getting at.”

“I guess it was? But the point is these guys are either buying time or it simply means betray us and you will die. If we do not know the identity of these guys we will not know for sure.”

“You are trying to look at their impetus, I mean the impetus of their organization.” A little taut, Anna swallows and looking a little somber, “don’t tell me you have something more dreadful in mind.”

“You are right it seems, perhaps they are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. What is their real goal? Taking jobs like this is like fundraising for them. Did these guys have a boss?”

“Eh! What makes you say that?”

“Why are they so composed? It is like they are really prepared to die, but they still want something else. I just cannot put my mind to it.”

“Maybe they accepted their fate. Now that you mentioned a deceased superior or the probability of it. I wonder how many they are?”

“They’d probably not tell us, and make us sweat it out. Let’s see they are calling Carol.” Ernest ecstatic about the identity of Carol. “Who’s Carol?”

“What got you so excited about? It is clearly her.”

“Well not really that excited. I just want to see who they are calling and her phone’s ringing.” Ernest in denial but clearly, his eyes are wide. 

“I may probably break my neck from turning left to right, let me move it closer.” Ernest gets up and moves the monitor.

“We should move out of here, this command center of yours is inadequate.” Anna criticizes.

“Thank you Anna, this is supposedly my home. Now that they know I am here, I might or rather will move, thanks to this incident.”

“Oh! Carol. And she answers.”

“What did I tell you.”

“Man, we don’t need to compare the audio on this one, but just in case, we need it analyzed. It is clearly her. Is that her real name, we could ask the cops for her ID.”

Over the video they hear Linda, as she tells Sam that she went fishing, while she was moving her car because someone asked her to.

“What? She is a terrible liar, and they know.”

“Yeah, look at their faces. How do you go fishing and the next thing you are moving your car, the harbor is not even a stone’s throw from the station.”

“Fishing? Maybe she had people at the harbor, come to think of it, she was fishing for information.”

“Plausible, maybe she was directing the answer to Samantha… Oh! That bitch news lady, she is naughty.”

“Wait let us not overthink this, was she already there?”

“Scoundrel base, mother, was that woman already there before you?” Anna calls the operation controller on the radio.

“That is a negative mother, she came before the actors arrived.”

One of the Ronnies realized that there is a phone in his pocket. He then makes a hand signal to one of the Ronnies. Then one of the Ronnies gestures something to the news lady.

“Awh…” both Ernest and Anna disgusted.

“You know Carol is not her name at all, when you answer like that.” Ernest makes an observation.

“She knows now. But she doesn’t know what has happened to all of them yet.”

Irene’s men start pouring in. And one of the JESTERs hands both Anna and Ernest photos on the aerial shots from the drone.

“I want to see what her face will look like when she really finds out.” Ernest his mouth agape. As he moves his head up and down and looks into one of Linda’s aerial shots and magnified prints, a name on her cell phone.

“You seem to be a ladies man, are you Ernest?” Anna mockingly replies.

“I wish? Hey let’s play, and get into this Q&A. Can we?”

Anna barks orders on the radio and the monitor in front of the news van is revealed.

“What do you want to ask?”

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