Flagpole Station

During the Marcos Administration, there were four branches of service in the Armed Forces. One of them the dreaded Philippine Constabulary. 

Every summer or before June they always conduct a promotion confirmation. It is more of a test and confirming if you are fit for the next position or next higher rank. This of course is for the ranks of 2nd Lieutenant until the Lt. Colonel.

Five of the Captains, who recently passed the exam, both written and oral, and are confirmed for the rank of Major, decided to let it all out after the mentally challenging day. Naturally like any good officer would do back then, to the watering hole they went.

But because it was after all the Dictatorship period, they were obliged to come early, and their barracks inside Camp Crame were to close at Ten in the evening. As they went back inside Crame just near their barracks…

Capt. Mujado: Pre’ hick… Compadre… What are you doing?

Capt. Martin: What does it look like? I’m taking a piss. Are you too drunk to see?

Capt. Mujado: Oh, I thought da that that was zsea flagffpole, the hick* MPs would arrest us you see.

At a distance, are two Constabulary Police, instead of MPs they are called CPs.

C1C Ordonez: Man I never thought the day I’d see this.What do you think bud?

C1C Capiztrano: Are you nuts? I am not arresting those guys, just count how many they are. Five and all Captains.

C1C Ordonez: Are you sure? We are supposed to arrest those types in the camp.

C1C Capiztrano: Let us see what happens a little bit.

As Capt. Mujado tried to keep his balance and could not even light his cigarette.

Capt. Martin: Nelson, I don’t care, if they are the mountain people, I’m going to make Major. Why don’t you just go on ahead because obviously you are drunk.

Capt. Mujado: Are you shure you don’t look well ash I am, I can help you up the stairs you know.

Capt. Martin: NO, go shooo!

Capt. Mujado, thinking he is quite okay, lets him go, despite the fact that he is pissing on the flagpole. Which is a big deal for the military. He left and went on. While they are talking the rest of the Captains have already left.

After urinating, the sound of a trumpet is heard, I think it is still called taps today. This means that it is already ten in the evening, and curfew has begun. Capt. Martin is now standing in front of the flagpole as if waiting for something.

The two Constables are now obliged to approach him since it is now curfew.

C1C Ordonez: Good Evening Sir!

Both constables salute the Captain. And Capt. Martin salutes back.

C1C Ordonez: Sir can you please go back to your barracks now, it is already ten.

Capt. Martin: Okay gentleman, as soon as my barracks comes back, it is still spinning. It should come back around any moment now. (He points his finger as if his barracks is moving)