Untouchable Billionaires


Chapter 19

A man comes out and knocks on Linda’s car window. She hesitates but opens it.


“We were wondering if you still have gas in your car?”


“It will be quite away, and you may not have enough gas. We could give you a ride, but we prefer that you follow us. That way we won’t have to worry about taking you back.”

“About a quarter, you guys are a bit off, trying to be stingy on gas money.”

“Hmmm… would you prefer that we get a tow truck to tow your car to the location, that way it will be a win win.”

“Who is paying?”

“We are.”

“So I’ll just sit here?”

“Maybe you’d be more comfortable with us or sit in the tow truck?”

“Call a tow truck and I’ll sit with you guys.”

Two hours ago

“We may have someone directing this.” Anna talks to herself as she listens to the radio chatter. She PMs the controller.

All EYES and EARS on her! Send a photo of her now!

She pulls her radio, “Ernest!”

“Go Ahead Anna, that was a bit of a scare, first time for me.”

“I think we have a director nearby.”

“What do we do next?”

“We’ll wait and see? I want her down.”

“Oh it’s a she. Do you have an ID yet?”

“Not at the moment we’ll have a photo of her in a little bit and we’ll compare her photo with what we have in our archives.”

“We should ask her, not the mercs.”

“Hmmm… I see, that would be best I’ll retask the other JESTERS to another location and see if we could. Better yet, maybe get them all.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Anna picks up her Samsung look alike phone, and dials the scoundrel control.

“Yes mother.” Scoundrel Base controller answers.

“The interloper is our primary, but we need to execute omega corral for all loose actors.”

“The quickest and I think for now the least interference to transfer will be corral 3. It’s just about near the Canadian border”

“Make sure it is inconspicuous. I want photos of the interloper and everything that looks like her on the web. Narrow it to famous persons and persons of interest.”

“That will be covered, mother, I am afraid we can only have two teams, on this.”

“I want the reporter’s crew and the intruders captured. Separate her from her puppets. And seahorses.”

“Two seahorses, one for each team?”

“The other is a back up if that is all that we can take, box them in and drive them into the truck. The teams will work as one. We can’t separate them.”

“I don’t think we can have them in time, it may take thirty minutes or so.”

“Can we have someone follow them? Before we lose sight of them.”

“We have the standards there.”

“Very well then use the standards. Who’s around to man the DRIPs?”

“Danny Merced.”


“That is a negative for Danny.”

“I’ll make an announcement on the communicators for the standards, they’ll take the initial lead, until Danny coordinates this. When is he, for the intercept?”

A call from the UniCom, interrupts her call.

“Mother, this is DRIP lead, I just arrived at the base.”

Anna hangs her phone to talk to Danny.

“Mister Mister, nice of you to drop by, I just arrived at Horse Island, so coordinate with the standards and grab a unicom if you must leave, I have informed them of your call sign.”

“With pleasure Mother. The teams are on standby now. Scoundrel is still in control.”

“Very well, I will be incommunicado for a while, but I am still tuned in. So please do proceed with prudence.”Anna arrives from the opposite shore where the excitement was.

Together with Ann are her two assistants, carrying communication equipment, they set it up outside Ernet’s house.

“Scoundrel base, do we have eyes inside the police station.” Anna using the UniCom.

“That is a 10-4 mother.”

Her assistants finish the equipment setup, these are quick and easy to install, they call QuIRKs, Quick Install and Removal Kits.

“Ah, more like it.”

Ernest comes out of his room.

“Ah, well if it isn’t our host, so where is her Ladyship?”


“In… your room.”


“Okay, moving on.” Anna’s face was a little contorted from what she heard. “We now have visuals inside the police station.”

“So what is up with the interloper, the director of all of this…”

“Oh, that, we have photos of her.” Anna shares it on the screen.

“I have never seen her before.”

“Exactly, maybe someone who likes to work behind the scenes.”

“Do we have any photos to compare with?”

“Well, it still is running… Facial recognition is running it down.”

“Do we have a live feed on her right now?”

Anna changes the channel, “that… here we go.”

“Who’s she calling?”

“Let me grab a snap of that.”

Anna enlarges the snapshot and unblurs the photo.


“Hey, can we get the audio too?”

“Hmmm…” Anna picks up the radio, “Scoundrel Base, Mother, can you patch the audio?”

“Standby Mother it’s on a different feed. I don’t think we can patch it. I’ll see if we can find another.”

“Oh, god! You guys are using the portable one?”

With the audio patched in now. 

“Did I just hear it right? Marshalls?” Anna asks.

“Did he just say three Amigos, is she referring to the mercs?”

“So who is she working for?”

“Must be from the government and she is keeping an eye on Dimanche whoever that is. She is a mole.”

“But why attack me?”

“We need to talk to her.”

“I don’t think she’ll come easy.”

“Let’s make it look like we are making a deal with her.”

“Why is she not going after the mercs yet?”

“Scoundrel Base, Mother. I need to know what is going on behind her.” Anna orders the controller.

While the chatter on the radio goes on, and they realize what she meant with going after them. Ernest could not help but admire her, “woh, it looks like she is prepared, didn’t have to chase them literally. She has a tracker.”