Wakwak Wakwak Chronicles


Victor, Victor wants to be a lone rider,
Victor has a motorcycle,
He loves to ride her,
Victor is a rider so bold,
Like the road hogs of old,
Driving their motorized bicycle,
To where there are no roads to trample.

But Victor a lone rider,
Alone he can never be,
For he need to feed the bee,
Victor a lone rider can never be.

Like the road hogs of old,
Riding their Harley so bold,
Always together,
Like brothers they were.

Victor a motorcycle cabbie,
Habal-habal driver we call he,
Together with his brothers,
Band together, on the street corner,
They wait for their rider.

But Victor, young Victor,
Likes to be a renegade,
Against his brothers aid,
He takes two riders more.

One is enough,
Two is tough,
Three is serious,
For Victor loves dangerous,
It is a challenge he seek,
One is for the meek.

In Tinaan there is a quarry,
On the corner they meet,
Riders come to the quarry,
But beyond the quarry they seek,
A destination none wants to meet.

The road is rough,
The time is not enough,
Ride fast and chase the dusk,
Ride slow never take the task,
Lest the night devour you to this task.

Alas Victor renegade Victor,
Victor likes to be a rider,
A horse rider like in the old,
Going the range and beyond,
Come back from beyond,
They were called rangers,
Rangers live for the dangers.

Fervently he jumped,
The old timers stumped,
Why did young Victor take the chance,
For none of them dared to dance.

But Victor did not see the tide,
So he figure he must ride,
He is tough and serious,
Took the three,
The fourth is he,
Dangerous, don’t you see.

Death is the language of four,
Even the dragon met four,
Bathed in silver lake,
The fate you make,
Into evanesce the river four.

Serious was he,
To take the three,
Their safety for a fee,
But sanctuary is yonder,
Sindulan a marker,
Dusk is just yonder.

Careful was he,
Slow ride and easy,
Dusk at the marker,
Will start the timer,
Dusk at the end,
Yonder the timer ends.

Fortuitous that dusk was longer,
He may live longer, 
If you get the gist,
But the plot will twist, 
To make this longer,
With glee they paid he,
Their safety for a hefty fee,
To arrive at their tree,
The reward feels heavy,
For a paper money,
That is made from a tree,
He bids salamat to the three,
House was gone but the tree.

Now where was he at?
Is this some lamat?
No word for Enchanted Illusion,
This is a complex situation,
For he is not of the old tradition,
And not of this tradition,
Checked the loot and feel,
The pay is real,
Where can his patrons be,
Muddled perhaps of the fee,
Bewildered he must not be,
Stumped he cannot be.

His shirt inside out,
Old tradition calls this out,
To break the spell and doubt,
Now all set to ride out,
With his shadow almost out,
And from the shadows came out,
Two figures, he could not figure,
Out of the corners, both came out.

Young lass to his left,
Curves undeniable,
All is desirable,
Opposing her a lad out of juvenile,
There is no denial,
For the lass he had a long gander,
Her garb he begins to wonder,
Is it skin or other,
It was grey all over,
Maybe it was darkness taking over.
Time to ride he says,
‘Tis almost end of five,
And I must feed the hive.

Time to ride the ride,
Enjoy the bumpy ride,
But the lass he watch,
Cannot seem to catch,
No matter how fast his ride,
He cannot pass by her side,
By the trees the lad walks by, 
Yet he cannot pass him by.

Pulled the throttle he tried,
Now he is on their side,
On top the lad was bare,
Peculiar pants he wore,
Like coat of a bear,
Like coat of a boar,
Symmetrical his body maybe,
Symmetry nevertheless is quirky.

Odd says Victor,
He says never mind,
Something else is in his mind,
For it is almost time to dine.

To see if the lady was fine,
One glance and the lady was swine,
One last look for the eye candy,
A glance at the lady,
The running was a swine.

Disturbed he took a chance at the lad,
Who is now running on all coat garbed,
Running on all four,
It was not a dog on four,
Running towards the motor,
The lad’s mouth became a snout,
The lad gave he a chase,
The lad a grin so wide,
Victor must wildly ride,
A chaw and nip aside,
Frightened at the prospect,
Of being the dined is not an aspect,
Growl and grin,
Lad so frightening,
Teeth so huge,
For even a dog as huge,
His symmetry is indeed,
So quirky and weird.

Generous the fee,
To Victor this must be,
The toil he must endeavor,
For no hefty fee can guarantee,
The drudgery it may incur,
Death to peddle,
No fee can handle,
Adrenalin on high,
Shift the gear high,
Pull he Victor the throttle,
The throttle all the way,
Quick thinking was he,
As the lad the nip he tried,
He leans to the other side,
So pulled the throttle,
Purged like drinking a bottle.

Away was he,
Thinking safety,
But only a meter or three,
The swine came across he,
Leaning to his right,
As he tries to stop his flight,
The swine was a lady,
Black hair and silky.

Horrified was he,
To see the lad on pursuit,
Alas, they are two in cahoots,
Nimble and quick,
Like Jack he was quick,
Down he went and pulled again,
Upped the gear and pull it full,
Sped quick off the road,
Like the old hogs of the road,
Into the forest he went,
Pulled his bike he leapt,
Into the air and back on the road,
Like the adventurer rangers of old,
But the hill was higher than was told,
He landed on his back,
Tumbled and rolled,
Rolled down the road,
Hit his crown on the ground,
Unlike Jack his crown was intact,
Like the knight of old, he took his steed back,
Helmet in black, glistening to the darkening night,
Nimble was he, and quick to start the motor right.

Silky hair gave chase, 
The lad followed in haste,
His fall and slide,
Brought him near the quarry,
Alas it was only the light,
But nonetheless the quarry is nigh,
Both smelled blood,
For bruises were all over Victor’s arms,
It was quite a distance,
They came in an instance,
Outrun he cannot,
Nimble and quick he can beat,
He ran has as he can beat,
And pulled the throttle down deep.

Gave chase both to he,
Motorized man a formidable foe,
From prey now a foe,
Soon they might be prey,
To the contraptions man made.

Down the hill he went,
Through the forest again,
Down deep thick and dark,
His motorcycles light,
Illuminates the night light,
Though darkness shines bright,
His light illuminates the night.

Oh Silky Hair, 
Her head like the sun,
But dark unlike the sun,
Illuminates none,
Reflects none,
Her hair like the rays of the sun,
Magnificent and glorious she,
As she rose into the sky,
To find her prey under the darkening sky,
She must come fast and faster,
For the quarry yonder,
The border she cannot cross yonder,
Man’s quarry, she must not go yonder,
For man’s light might expose her,
Bring to light her existence,
Man’s vengeance beyond measure,
Destruction and slaughter,
Surely will follow her.

Victor slows his bike,
Leans to his right,
Slides down the slope,
Holding on tiny branches like rope,
The lad who was not a dog,
Thought that he had the chance,
Leapt to Victor, but in an instance,
Victor change his vector,
Throttled down in a joust,
Ran and rammed the lad,
His helmet as a lance,
The lad does not stand a chance,
His bite were all for naught,
Could not even dent but a nick might,
As Victor change his course,
The lad went tumbling down,
The slope to the other end.

Irregular growth and undergrowth,
Distance unequal,
Difficult time to measure,
The forest difficult to measure,
Silky Hair must come up to measure.
There Victor out in the open,
This chance for her,
Make haste she must,
Dive to the rider now or never,
The lad now quite a distance from Victor,
Gave chase and run as fast as Victor,
Scratches and bruises are petty,
For Victor life must not end,
Life he must defend,
Admiring and dread of Silky Hair,
He must tread carefully of her hair,
To the right up and rear,
He sees her coming near,
Fast as she is,
So is the lad coming from his rear,
Up the inclined open field he went,
To the road they see him go,
For it was down the bend.

Alas thought she,
I will now have he,
But Victor was tricky,
Indeed a rider he,
Bank left and turn,
Leaned to his left to careen,
Down the ground she went,
Missed Victor by wink,
She tumbles and rolls,
And lost her bearing and thoughts,
The lad tried to stop,
A tad close he could have had,
But Victor and his bike you see,
Were one and he was able to flee,
If there is adding insult to injury,
This the lad was, adding injury to injury,
The lady incur more injury,
For the lad lost it and bumped into the lady.

Down goes Victor through the vegetation,
Hoping not to be part of their digestion,
But the chase is over,
For the two the road was down under,
And the light was bright.

Victor finally at the quarry,
Seeing none to parry,
Moved fast still,
To tell his brothers down the hill,
Of the adventure and scare.

Down the hill he made his tale,
A tale of will and scare.
He is confused,
Why none dissuaded him,
They all laughed at him, 
Thus they reprise and gave advice,
For you Victor, you were always after the prize,
That you did not see the signs,
For none of your brothers wanted that chance,
But you took the chance and danced,
Uncourteous to say nay,
Up there at night danger was nigh
All of us, befuddled that you danced, and took the chance,
Best that you took the chance,
See and believe for yourself,
For us, you are truly one.