Filipinos are lucky people

It was the height of the Marcos regime, the Philippines under his thumb, everything was under his control.

He was building projects putting up schools and bridges, and in one of this grand projects, which was supported by the Japanese.

President Marcos was around to grace the ceremonial opening and so were some Japanese delegates.

The government recently acquired new technology that allows them to broadcast nationwide live on TV. The propaganda ministry thought this was a good time to use it.

The opening ceremonies was graced by the only Japanese who can speak English. Here is the opening speech by Muzuki Nadeporte.

Mr. President, the engineers, who worked on this project, Good Morning. I do not have anything to say but awed at the presence of your president and how he cares for you. What I can say is this.

You Firipinos, (he shakes his head, and smiles) are very rocky peopoor(he nods his head up and down). Your President robs you (President Marcos caught aghast) and your First Rady Robs you arso.

The Japanese delegates were immediately deported.

This kind of was best if this was said, but I laughed when I first heard this.