Untouchable Billionaires

Standoff the Mexican Way

Chapter 11

“Shots fired, shots fired,” the police officer frantically blurts out on the radio as he and his partner duck for cover, “shots fired, this Officer Emmet Gorm, we will definitely need back up.”

The boat’s siren is turned on along with the lights. His partner pushes the throttle to the max, the boat lurched as he holds on to something as he continues to relay the situation to dispatch.

“Baker 19, dispatch, copy, advice your twenty.”

“Dispatch, I am about a mile off Sackets Harbor, I figure the suspects are headed towards the lighthouse, it sounds like smg rounds, I repeat sub machine gun rounds.”

“Baker 19, dispatch, the island’s owner complained of an intruder. Baker 13 at the harbor is on enroute and shall rendezvous with you.”

The staccato of the gunfire can be heard from a distance. As the drones continue to pester those on the hi-jacked boat.

Meanwhile on the other end from the harbor, a patrol boat is headed towards the island. An officer is watching Bigsy’s boat with his binoculars.

“Aw shit, that’s Bigsy’s boat,” Officer Brandon Burton, or double BB to his colleagues and Big B to the locals, he calls on dispatch, “Dispatch this is Baker 13, it’s Bigsy’s ship, it’s been hi-jacked from my point of view.”

“Baker 13, Dispatch, advice your twenty.”

“About a mile off to target and we are speeding.”

“Baker 13, Dispatch, are you sure it’s Bigsy’s ship.”

“Of course I am sure, who else could it be.”

One of the Dispatcher’s supervisors is standing close at the dispatch room intently listening, and directing what to ask.

“Ask him, how positive is he?” The supervisor orders the operator.

“Baker 13, dispatch, are you positive it’s Bigsy’s?”

“Like the back of my hand, that positive,” replies Officer Burton, “we can now hear shots being fired at. Be advised, suspects shooting at Baker 19. And the guys on Bigsy’s are skinny. Bigsy is not visible at this point.”

Crouched on the boat, “hey, RH, how are you holding out?” Officer Brown to his partner, Reed Horton. 

Reed his back laid on the deck of the boat, as the volley of gunfire continued and bullets hit their patrol boat. Shattered glass bits are everywhere. 

“I’m shot!” Reed responds, “did he get me? Any blood?”

“I don’t say any of it hit you, except for the shattered glass on your face, some scratches… bruises. But no flood of blood.”

“I think I pulled the throttle, are we stopped?” Reed gets up slowly and sees that the throttle is pulled to a stop. He continues to check himself for other wounds. “I don’t think I am hit.”

“Must be the initial shock, they have a 50, it’s mounted and aimed right at us.”

“So that was the sound, no wonder it was that loud.” He searches for his pockets and pulls out a periscope toy.

“Um… do you actually play with that thing, now is not the time.”

“It’s my kid’s. I bought him a toy yesterday from McDonald’s, well he is not old enough to use it anyway.” 

Reed pulls it and extends it, then he peeks at the suspects from his wheel. “It is a big gun. I knew this thing would come in handy. Do we still need to inform them that we are the cops or do we shoot back.”

The radio cackles, “Baker 19, Baker 13, Red Horse, Dr. Brown, are you guys okay? I say again, Baker 19, are you guys okay, we are coming guys.”

Officer Gorm crouches to pick the radio’s mike, “Big B, nice to hear your voice, unlike the big booms we just got, we are okay, the boat is shot. 50 CAL.”

“Baker 19, Dispatch.”

“Dispatch, Baker 1 9, do we still need to tell them we’re cops, kind of moot if we tell them, they’re just going to shoot at us again. Or are we allowed to shoot now.”

“Baker 19, Dispatch, please advice them, and if you cannot you are authorized to shoot back.”

“God damn, bureaucracy, they are going to red tape us to death.”

“Relax RH, I am used to this. Let me do the talking.”

Officer Gorm picks up the other mike for the loudspeakers, “this is the police…”

A deafening sound crackles, the machine gun burts vibrating their boat, like the ground beneath their feet shook. 

Unnoticeable to them a similar sound from a distance, the island shoots at the intruders, matching their blows at the police for theirs at the intruders.

Volley for volley, as bullets hail at both the police boat and the fishing boat. The Gurkhas are adept at their craft, the art of war.

Down at the police boat deck, the cops on their bellies and crouched.

“Hey RH, ready, this is what we trained for.”

Both ready their guns.

“Nah… not me, you did.”

Amidst the barrages, they shoot back, RH shooting blindly, as best as he could remember where he could shoot at with his shotgun. Officer Gorm peeks and shoots with his 9MM.

Then suddenly the 50CAL is silent.

The gunner at the Big Ships hit the deck as the volley of another 50CAL from the island is heard and the bullets come, shooting, each breaking the sound barrier as the bullets whiz by.

“Hey, you alright, Ronnie 2.”

“Yeah, where the hell did it come from Ronnie 1.”

“Well at least we still have a hostage.” Says Ronnie 3, as he looks at Bigsy on the floor unconscious. 

“I cannot say where it came from, they matched the sound.”

Ronnie 3 interjects, “must be the island.”

“Don’t bring heavy guns, they are too heavy, the job is light, you’ll be out there quickly.” Ronnie 2 mockingly imitates someone. As Ronnie 1 and 3 laughed.

“Hey, we can hear you, you think this is a game? This is the police and you are under arrest.” Officer Gorm, angry at being laughed at.

The Ronnies shoot back with their sub-machine guns.

“Ronnie 3, better wake our captain up.” He keeps shooting, bursts of fire at the police officers.

Ronnie 3 uses smelling salts to wake up Bigsy. Then Baker 13 arrives. The Ronnies take cover, as Baker 19 returns fire.

“We have got you surrounded, please surrender or you will be fired upon.” Big B announces a warning through his loudspeakers.

In the middle the Big Ships, it’s bow facing the island, to its stern the mounted 50CAL, to their rear left, port quarter Baker 19 to their rear right, starboard quarter Baker 13.

Ronnie 2, aims at the Baker 13, Ronnie 1 gets up and goes back to the mounted machine gun and aimed it at Baker 19, Ronnie 3 is behind Bigsy, now up and awake with a gun to his head.

“You know this will all end up one way or the other, you dead or us dead including the big guy over here.” Ronnie 2 shouts at the cops.

“What? Say again.” Officer Gorm announces.

“What are you doing? We could hear him.” RH complains.

“Buying time.”

The radio sounds off, “Dispatch, Baker 13, we have a sit here, this is now a hostage situation.”

“Copy that Baker 13, try to keep them talking.”

“Wilco, Baker 13 out.”

“I said I will kill this hostage if you will not let us go.” Ronnie 2 shouts again.

“Who’s on stage?” 

“Him.” Pointing at Bigsy.

“Him is on stage?”


“YES is on stage, I thought WHO is on stage.” Both cops laughing, Big B and Officer Gorm, which reminds them of the cartoon comical skit when they were young. While their operators are oblivious at the joke.