Order of Atuy

OA: Chapter 1

Hundreds of millions of years later…

Atuy, is now called Augot. The original sentient race is now extinct, replaced by a backward thinking race, Ayuta.

If we are to believe in the theory of evolution, this planet might be a typical one. The inhabitants look a lot like Earth humans.

The Ayuta humanoid are very much like the Earth humanoid, in fact, they are genetically compatible, reproduction compatible.

In the Republican Islands of Susim, a new leader is chosen, this time an overwhelming vote of two thirds of its southern island regions. The foul mouth talking, Angry Oldie to his enemies in the north. Bonal Riga.

He vows to rid the islands from the poisons of the western and the other side of the planet’s vices. 

I will not allow my country to be taken over by the rule of the mobsters, the influence of the countries who seem to only want one thing, us begging for help. We are better than that, we have what they want…

The speech of their new elected Ruler, on the screen. As Roman Dequito proudly watches.

“I’ve never met him,” Roman talks to his wife beside him, “mom says she is a little ashamed to go to him when we went further down south one time. She says they were rich and we were poor.”

His wife looks at him as she slices some vegetables in the kitchen. “It would have been wonderful to have met him, you could at least say, the guy is mom’s cousin.”

“Yeah anyway we now have an official Genealogist, I just can’t keep up with the request on our family tree anymore.” 

“Should we be going out tomorrow the Setday before Madnaday?”

“Yeah, I guess we can go out throughout the week then? Oneday, Twoday…”

“Wait…” his wife Adna raises the knife up, “I just realized today is the first Fiveday of the month, usually before Setday…”

While Adna’s eyes are somewhere Roman tries to walk away.

“Where are you going?!”

“Well, since we are going out tomorrow, I will check our mopod, make sure the systems work and…”

“You’re going out with your friends tonight are you?”

“Well now that you’ve mentioned it, I guess I remember now.”

“Are you going to be drunk tonight?”

“No, no of course not, but it is a time to celebrate is it? My distant uncle won the Rulership.”

“Oh, honey, I just don’t want you all tired and hungover tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day at the market halls.”

“I promise on my service lad’s honor. I shall go out with my friends tonight, but I will not get drunk. Oh by the way, I am going out with my other friends, the weird ones, so don’t worry on the drinking part, we are not drinking a lot these days.”

Mayfair, Capital of Susim

“How could I lose to him, in fact how could we even lose?” Skram Sora mumbling to himself.

Manicura, his wife, embraces him, “will find a way to get him, one way or the other, just like we did, when we don’t like the Rulers.”

“My Patekani countrymen hates me, the other half of me my Alotons, they abandoned me, for that pygmy.”

The mood in the House of Skram is somber, his supporters have left and let him and his house heal alone for now.

In the background, the sound of the news, which they simply call message, and the channel is from Ani Messengers. The intro says, “Number one in Truth and truth alone…” then replaying the speech of the Ruler-Elect.

“Turn it off.”

At the Ani Messengers head office, the chairman, Bendejo Zpam calls his secretary.

“Amie, can you call the national papers chiefs for a meeting tomorrow, let’s just all sleep for now.”

Ashland City Order Meeting, after the opening ceremonies.

“We are now in the precipice of a new world order. The country has now spoken, the time The Order to rise is at hand.” The Guide; Yeri Hathag opening statement on the meeting floor.

“Good Evening venerable siblings, today and henceforth is a critical moment, for us islanders, as well as the entire planet. We need to move as stealthy and quickly now, for a new danger is approaching the planet. Protocol 5 is now active.”

He strikes the gavel and sits down. 

The overseer of the entire meeting prepares, and strikes his gavel three times. 

The secretary, they call Atubang which means literally to stand in front of, or to face someone up front or to represent someone. He gets up, walks in front of his table and faces the rest of The Order, bows and announces.

“The Lantaw will announce the proper procedure for the protocol.” He goes back to his seat and remains standing.

The Lantaw strikes the Gavel once, and stands up.

“I do not need to say any pleasantries at the moment, the situation is dire. If we do not prepare for this we will be overwhelmed again. 

You have seen and experienced it as well as all of us here. You have transcended into the higher plane as we all have. You have been born again into a new creature as we all are.

The vice-secretaries shall pass on the procedures of the protocol. We shall discuss this further in the coming months, today’s scheduled meeting’s agenda has been rescinded or postponed, until further notice. 

Please let the Atubang know if you have a view on the protocol and the timing thereof.”

The Lantaw strikes his gavel once, and takes his seat.

The Guide strikes his gavel once in recognition of the Lantaw, pauses and strikes again.

“The Order throughout the world will sort Protocol 5 and we need consensus by the end of the month. 

The victory of Bonal Riga, is a sign that us the Patekani have finally broken from the mindless drone mentality, designed and created by the Aloton elites. As well as the citizens of the Aloton islands. 

We need to break away from the borders that were created long ago. 

We must achieve unity before the old gods come back.”